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Prospective Families

The Best Reasons to Apply to Valley Alternative


"I would recommend VAS to any student for many reasons. First of all, at our school we are all a big family. The teachers are really there for you. They put in so much effort and they treat you like you are their own child. VAS may not be the biggest school, but that is what makes it even better. It is easy for us students to get around campus and make it to our classes on time.  One of my favorite things about VAS is the college and job site programs starting from tenth grade. It gives us the opportunity to either go help out a different school, hospital, animal shelter, or even get started on your college classes. Valley Alternative Magnet School is definitely a school that will set a good future for any student and I recommend VAS to everyone."

- Meri (Class of 2017)


"I had the privilege of being a Valley Alternative student since 1999, in the 6th grade. I feel VAS is a second home to me and the staff is like my second family. I have great relationships with my coworkers and can even consider some of them my friends outside of the work environment. I also enjoy the small school community.

I enjoyed my career as a student and after I graduated in 2006, I spent a year away from VAS and happily returned in 2007 as a paraprofessional. I am in school now for my Master's in School Counseling and I am now interning as a school counselor. It's be great experiencing VAS from all angles; as a student, a paraprofessional, and now a counselor and I look forward to helping students each day I come to work." 

~Ella (Intern)


"This is my first year in middle school and so far it has been splendid. The teachers are amazing and are always having the students work diligently. I think this school is very great because it has a lot of options to what you want to become in the future. I also like  how this school is small and how we're like one big family. Also that everyone is nice to one another. I like how my school has given me many opportunities to become what i would like to be. I think this school is a great choice for everyone."

~Kriestel K. (Class of 2019)


"I like this school because it allows me to get to know the teachers and gives me the opportunity to take college classes and experience a diverse environment"

~Anush T. (Class of 2015)