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The ninth grade is an enthusiastic and curious class. They are disciplined, yet very playful. They have faced many walls in the world of academia, but they have the determination to seek support from their colleagues and their teachers. Many of these students have the potential to excel. Many of these students have a long road to go, but eventually they will get there. Some of these students have been at Valley Alternative Magnet their entire academic life, welcoming and accepting new students into their social life.

                            - Nicklet Ponpoe (Class of 2019)

Advice for Incoming Freshmen From Class of 2019

"If I could give any specific advice to future freshmen, it would have to be, drop the ego. As smart as you might be, or think you might be, it's okay to ask for help when you're struggling. If you're failing it's unfortunate, but you'll have to learn from it and get better. Failure is apart of life and is something that I have always avoided, whether it was because of my ego, pride, or frame of mind that "I don't need to study," it always held me back from my full potential. If I wasn't as prideful, or against asking for help, I probably would have been an overall better student. My main point is, just ask for help and just be more humble, being overly prideful will only get you so far."  -Danny

"Here is my advice for the incoming freshmen. A few things that I did that shouldn't be done are, sitting next to friends in class you never want to do that because you will get distracted very easily. Another one is turning work in late, some teachers allow work late for half credit but you shouldn't want that you should turn it in on time. Also, always study that's one thing I never did and I regret it. Seriously though never turn work in late, I was the stupidest person ever and turned in my health project the day before the health fair. Don't do what I did and procrastinate everything, do your work in your free time instead of going on the internet, playing video games, or watching Netflix. Your grades should be your priority, not checking your social media."   -Raquel 

"Ninth grade will be such a change, as the credit system will be introduced, and every class and GPA will affect your graduation, acceptances to college, and your future. Here are some tips to assist you in the preparation of this drastic change. First of all, do not procrastinate. Even if you finish the assignment, you need the proper sleep to have energy for school. Second of all, if you can, start your college classes early. Choose a Los Angeles Community College and a desired class, and if your GPA meets the criteria, you can have a head start. Third of all, make sure to take notes in class, because tests and quizzes can come as a surprise. Fourth of all, Always cooperate with your teacher and put effort in your assignments from the start, and do not wait until the last few weeks of school to practice these. Last of all, these few years are the times you would want to join clubs and start volunteer hours." -Nicklet 

 Here is some information for the upcoming freshman.

5 Bad habits

-Having unorganized materials

-Being tardy/absent a lot

-Being lazy and not studying

-Finish work on time

-Don't forget your locker combination


5 Things to do

-Bring water to drink on hot days

-Put your backpacks at the classroom you are going to during lunch and nutrition

-Get people phone numbers so you can text them for homework if you are absent

-Don't forget/loose information for LAUSD accounts (such as big ideas or IXL)

-Manage your backpack weight so you don't need to carry heavy stuff around all day



"Freshmen should take school seriously from the start and to study for every test. Freshmen should always study, use their own time to get ahead in school, not get lazy, always pay attention in class, and sit next to people who wont distract you. Some horrible habits you can have which will affect your grade are laziness and if you constantly zone out. Some tips for incoming freshmen are to watch your grades because colleges will look at your grades starting from 9th grade, don't stress yourself, and to take school seriously at all times" -Movses

"Here is my advice on how to survive freshmen year.  First, always make sure to do your homework on time.  Another way to survive is to make sure you're alert and focused during every single class. Be sure to get enough sleep and to manage your time.  Something I wish I did freshmen year was to study longer and harder.  Something that I did that helped me freshmen year was being motivated.  Make sure to stay motivated and to never give up.  The only person that can ever bring you down is yourself.  Don't do that to yourself.  As long as you're trying your best, you're succeeding. :)" - Jewelia

"Here is my advice for the incoming freshman. One thing I am very glad I did freshman year is work at Rhythmic Academy Los Angeles because not only will it look good on my resume but the money will be a great way to save up to buy books while I am at college. One piece of advice I would give to survive freshman year is to take notes. Note taking is most important in Algebra, Biology, and Spanish. One thing I wish I did during freshman year is take more notes in Spanish because it was very important to study your notes before the test." - Kriestel

5 things I wish I did my freshman year:

1. Talked more

2. Studied more

3. Asked questions in class

4. Participated in physical activity

5. Didn't have absences


 Here is my advice: One thing I wish I did Freshmen year was to be more athletic. One thing I did to survive Freshmen year was to not to step on others in order to achieve my goal because at the end it's not worth it. Another thing I did to survive Freshmen year was to always talk to my teachers about my grades. One thing I'm glad I did Freshmen year was studying. Another thing I'm glad I did Freshmen year was taking my time to understand the subject. One horrible habit that hurt me Freshmen year was paying attention to other people and caring about what others think about me. One tip for incoming Freshmen is to not be rude to teachers, because you need their help in the future. -Sonna



English 9

Biology 9

Spanish 1


Algebra 1

College Prep